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We are a boutique coaching and consultancy firm, empowering legal leaders to excel in leadership, master change management & team dynamics — unlocking innovation & optimization. Our cutting-edge solutions in leadership development, management training and innovation, are specifically crafted for legal leaders and legal teams to unlock their peak potential. 

Optimizing Legal

Every Individual, Every Team, Every Organization - Has a Unique Energy. At Level7 Legal we recognize that the cornerstone of success is the mastery of your firm's unique energy & culture.

Our data-driven approach is specially tailored to empower legal leaders and their teams. By strategically optimizing people, culture, and performance, we not only elevate the work environment but also drive tangible results including reduced staff turnover, cost savings in retraining and rehiring, plus enhanced client success and retention.

Change Management 101

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Did you know?

Our CEO, Charlotte, was recognized as a top Legal ChangeMaker in the "Next 100 Years Project" London, Dec 23.

Join the Inner Circle

Apply to join the Inner Circle. Engage in roundtable deep-dive webinar talks, on AI, culture, tech, pricing, fundraising, and performance and well-being. 

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Leadership Program

Designed for leaders like you – we equip you with skills to manage energy, drive performance, and thrive in a changing landscape. 

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Culture + Change Management Programs

Culture is your competitive edge. Root your firm in a people-first culture, centered on core values and united vision. We support you in navigating change for future success.

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Energy Leadership 

What is your unique energy blueprint? How do you show up, day-to-day, and in your stress response. Dive deep into data-driven insights to understand performance, and how it impacts morale, and performance. Our neuroscience-backed debriefs transform team energy and stress reactions into collaborative, idea-driven spaces. 

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The Future of Law

Drawing from our expertise in law, coaching, and performance science, we provide strategies to navigate the unique challenges of the legal world. 🚀

🌍 We love speaking, writing, creating, and podcasting!

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Silicon Valley 🇺🇸 with British Origins 🇬🇧

From Yorkshire, England to Silicon Valley, California. L7 was created by Charlotte former lawyer who moved to the US in 2014, leaving her UK friends and family behind. We I love visit. We work with UK and US based firms. We have incredible global clients. 🇮🇳🇿🇦 Charlotte our founder, is a former travel & aviation lawyer - travel is in our DNA. 

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Client Feedback...

"I found Charlotte at a difficult time in my career - newly promoted Partner, two young kids at home, I had been neglecting my mental and physical health for far too long (and it showed!). Fast forward to the end of my coaching program with Charlotte. I understand the value of mindset and the mind-body connection. I learned a series of tools to implement every day that has CHANGED MY LIFE. I made choices in my law practice that are authentic to me and I am clear on my 18-month vision. I am confident, I tapped into my positive energy, and great things are happening for my career. I am so incredibly grateful for Charlotte and blessed to have her as a coach, colleague, and mentor. She is incredibly talented."

Sophia Strong

"Working with Charlotte + Level7 was an extraordinary journey. The approach was highly individualized, focused on my specific goals from day one. Charlotte is not only a fantastic communicator but also a natural coach. The insights I gained have been invaluable, particularly the realization that my true fear was a fear of success. I now communicate with my team in a more intentional and effective manner, and the results have been astounding. I would highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 to any lawyer or legal team looking to elevate their leadership skills and motivate their team."

Natasha Baker

Novus Law
"Working with Charlotte was like turning on a light in a dark room. I was bogged down by stress and uncertainty, but she introduced me to transformative mental frameworks that not only helped me conquer my mindset but also led me to start my own firm. Her approach is so effective because it doesn't just tackle the 'what' or 'how'; it dives deep into the emotions and energies that underlie all decisions. I highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 for anyone in the legal field; the emotional intelligence she brings is often the missing piece in traditional coaching setups."

Koby Willbanks

Continuum Legal

Putting people first is key to unlocking potential.

Our White Paper will help you to discover the importance of prioritizing "people first" as the key strategy to unlocking your team's full potential and pushing to them to excel past expectation.