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Charlotte Smith

Founder | CEO | Former Lawyer

Charlotte Smith is an experienced Executive Coach specializing in working with legal leaders. Charlotte brings over 15 years of working in and with the legal profession to her coaching practice. Achieving partnership at a top-tier UK firm by age 30, she is recognized for her innovative approach to creating an employment law subscription service tailored for travel & hospitality industry clients. In 2014, Charlotte transitioned from a traditional legal practice in the UK to an entrepreneur and Executive Coach in Silicon Valley. As a professional certified coach (PCC), she is a member of the International Coaching Federation; here, she has made her mark as a legal industry leader and change-maker.

As an Executive Coach, she collaborates with leaders, law firms, and in-house legal teams, including esteemed legal organizations like the Association of Corporate Counsel and ChIPs. Charlotte has supported law schools at UC Berkley and Kings College, London, with professional programming. Charlotte is a Peer Ambassador for Gartner, renowned for providing actionable, objective insights to executives and their teams across various industries.

Charlotte's coaching addresses key legal professional challenges, such as stifled creativity, leadership and management dysfunctions, and inefficiencies in conventional legal practices. She empowers leaders and teams to excel through leadership, change management, and innovation, applying energy management, human performance, and mindset strategies specifically designed for legal professionals.

Committed to adapting to the rapidly evolving legal landscape, Charlotte keeps pace with change and leads the way. She underscores the vital human element in the age of AI and technology, reassuring her clients about her ability to navigate the dynamic evolution of careers in today's legal world. Her coaching and consultancy practice stands at the forefront, preparing legal teams to embrace change and thrive in the new era. 


Unleashing Potential for the Future of Legal 

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Here are just some of the projects I have worked on in 2024:

  • Executive Team Pre-Screening: Pre-acquisition analysis for a legal tech company, ensuring strategic and cultural alignment.
  • 360 Interviews with client stakeholders for Partner and client development within a law firm. 
  • Reputational Enhancement and Personal Branding: Developing personal branding strategies for a legal industry Executive, leveraging LinkedIn and thought leadership.
  • Innovating Pricing Strategies: Developed and implemented value-based and subscription pricing models for law firms, revolutionizing traditional billing practices to enhance client satisfaction and firm profitability.
  • Change Management and Mission Communication: Creating strategies to clarify law firms' missions and align employee expectations.
  • Team Scaling and High-Pressure Management: Addressing scaling challenges and dysfunction in legal teams with workshops on time management, productivity, and leadership assessment.
  • Gender Equity Research: Researching and writing on gender equity in the legal profession, focusing on support for mothers and parents.
  • Future of Law and Legal Profession Evolution: Writing on how the legal profession is evolving with technology, highlighting the necessity for modern leaders to adapt to this changing landscape.
  • Legal Marketing and Content Creation: Driving legal marketing, content creation, and design to enhance brand engagement.
  • Podcasting and Thought Leadership: Launching and producing podcasts for thought leadership, illustrating how clients can use podcasting to enhance their personal brands. I specialize in creating content that aids law firms in training their teams.

This portfolio reflects my dedication to improving leadership, operational efficiency, and culture in the legal sector. For support or to request references, please get in touch.