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Elevating Leadership and Unleashing Potential with Charlotte

Marie Widmer


Client Name:

Marie Widmer



Client Overview:

Our client, Marie, had recently ascended to their first director-level role within a prominent, scaling in-house legal team. Confronted with the immense challenge of gaining enterprise-wide buy-in for crucial projects and bringing a disjointed senior team together, Marie turned to Charlotte + Level7 Coaching for guidance.

Key Challenges:

  • Gaining buy-in on enterprise-level projects
  • Uniting a siloed, senior team around a common vision
  • Building a robust personal brand

Solutions Delivered:

  • Deep Understanding and Personalized Strategy: Charlotte began the engagement by deeply understanding not only Marie but also the team and organizational dynamics they were navigating. By connecting with the CLO, Charlotte was able to help facilitate buy-in for Marie's initiatives.
  • Balanced Techniques: Charlotte employed a healthy balance of data-driven and emotionally resonant strategies in her coaching. This not only helped the team to connect with the vision but also enhanced Charlotte's leadership abilities and self-confidence.
  • Beyond Work: Charlotte also empowered Marie to build their personal brand and seek community outside of work. This holistic approach was instrumental in helping them grow as a professional and as an individual.


  • Exponential Social Influence: Marie’s online following skyrocketed from less than 500 to 3,000 followers.
  • Speaking Engagements: Empowered by their newfound confidence, Marie began speaking at international conferences and events.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Leveraging the skills and confidence gained through the coaching program, Marie started their own community and SaaS company.


" I've never had a female leader or influence in my life like Charlotte. Her skills have been transformative for my career and personal growth. From learning to be more assertive but kind to gaining the confidence to start my own community and company, Charlotte + Level7 has been a catalyst for significant change in my life. Her approach is tailored to fit unique needs, making her an invaluable resource for founders, female leaders, and anyone aspiring to lead an above-average life. "


For those in legal professions and beyond, struggling to unite teams or achieve a meaningful personal and professional transformation, Charlotte + Level7 offers an invaluable service. With tailored strategies, they empower you to find your "North Star," guiding you towards a fulfilling career and enriched personal life.
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