Case Study: Natasha Baker - Novus Law

Elevating Leadership & Igniting Team Inspiration

Natasha Baker


Client Name:

Natasha Baker


Novus Law

Client Overview:

Natasha Baker, the founder of Novus Law, has carved a niche in employment law for educational providers. Before Novus's inception in 2019—before global pandemic—Natasha distinguished herself as a Partner at notable San Francisco-based law firms. Her dream for Novus was clear: merge top-tier legal expertise with technology, fostering efficiency and driving value for clients. This shift was also aimed at liberating her team from the constraints of the billable hours model. However, by 2023, while Novus was flourishing, it predominantly followed the traditional billable hours structure. Natasha's revolutionary vision of a new-era law firm was being overshadowed by the pressing daily demands of running a business. Moreover, articulating and instilling this vision among her team became an uphill battle.

Key Challenges:

  • Navigating and conveying expectations to the team.
  • Allocating time for leadership and nurturing a distinctive leadership identity.
  • Strategizing for the firm while managing its day-to-day operations.
  • Galvanizing and inspiring team members.

Solutions Delivered:

  • Bespoke Coaching Sessions: Charlotte + Level7 recognized Natasha's unique needs and, from the outset, tailored coaching sessions around her specific objectives, ensuring alignment and focus.
  • Pioneering Communication Blueprint: Charlotte + Level7 equipped Novus with an innovative communication framework. This not only rejuvenated the internal team spirit but also amplified Novus's distinct value proposition to a broader audience.
  • Novel Subscription Model: Novus rolled out its innovative subscription model, complemented with digital training modules. This vision saw overwhelming success, with every subscription slot being snapped up.
  • Leadership Reshaping: Through astute coaching, Charlotte enabled Natasha to rekindle her leadership zeal. By reshaping her leadership perceptions and honing her motivational skills, Natasha became adept at rallying her team towards unified firm objectives.


  • Enhanced Communication: Post-coaching, Natasha's communication became more purpose-driven, fostering a more united and driven team.
  • Illuminating Personal Insights: Natasha's paradigm shift—from fearing success to embracing it—revolutionized her business approach.
  • Phenomenal Growth: Natasha recounts a transformative six-month journey, marked by bolstered leadership capabilities and an inspired team spirit.


" Working with Charlotte + Level7 was an extraordinary journey. The approach was highly individualized, focused on my specific goals from day one. Charlotte is not only a fantastic communicator but also a natural coach. The insights I gained have been invaluable, particularly the realization that my true fear was a fear of success. I now communicate with my team in a more intentional and effective manner, and the results have been astounding. I would highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 to any lawyer or legal team looking to elevate their leadership skills and motivate their team. "


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