Circles + Mastermind

Scalable group coaching and mastermind solutions for culture building, knowledge sharing and successful transitions.


Drive successful transitions

In a rapid scale environment, give your people the resources and tools to grow into new responsibilities and navigate change. Join or curate mastermind and group circles, with your team or hand selected industry peers.

Measure progress

Track skill development and sentiment throughout the group coaching experience to assess impact. Our impact is measurable through tangible data, insights and reporting.

Deepen engagement

In high-pressure environments use group coaching to increase motivation, commitment, communication, and sense of belonging, especially for remote, distributed teams.

Nurture and develop your people

Help your employees build trusted relationships with a group of peers as well as within a broader advisory network to increase accountability.

How can we support your legal team?

Book an Transformational Thought Partnership session with one of our consultants and find out how we can support your legal team. It's time to start your Level7 Legal journey.