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Welcome to The Inner Circle, it's our group Mastermind program, a ThinkTank, and groundbreaking hub for the world's most innovative legal leaders. Here, we don't just talk about change – we spearhead it. If you're a forward-thinking entrepreneurial legal professional, passionate about shaping the future of law, this is where your journey begins. Experience a year-long journey of legal innovation for the price of a three-month stint with L7. It's an extraordinary deal, delivering extensive growth and strategic insights to maximize your professional evolution.


Why You Belong Here


Dynamic Environment

Designed for entrepreneurial legal leaders who are ready to lead, innovate their careers and modernize the future of law practice. 


High-Impact Networking

Connect with a hand-vetted, high quality community of like-minded pioneers who are ready to co-elevate, challenge and inspire you.


Real-World Solutions

Engage in strategic conversations and collaborative problem-solving, addressing the most pressing issues in the legal leadership and management. Think technology, AI, culture, leadership, people management and self mastery.


New Era Vision

This program is for legal professionals done with the status quo, eager rise to the challenges facing the legal profession in this transformative era. It's designed for leaders who want to drive the industry towards a dynamic future, recognizing and actively participating in its evolution.


"I envisioned a space where the brightest legal minds unite, to strategize on breaking boundaries and redefining what it means to be a leader in law. This ThinkTank is more than a group; it's an inner circle, a collective, a movement towards innovative, strategic, and impactful leadership."

Charlotte Smith

Why Choose Us?

Tailored to Legal Innovators

Our sessions and resources are crafted specifically for the challenges and opportunities in the legal tech and innovation space.

Beyond Conventional Coaching

We offer a unique blend of mastermind sessions, personalized coaching, and practical, actionable insights.

Accessible High-Level Experience

Breaking the mold of traditional, high-cost mastermind groups with flexible and inclusive membership options.

Your Path to Transformation

Vision Clarity Sessions

Frame your program with quarterly deep dives to assess and invigorate your career & business vision and objectives.

Monthly Strategic Mastermind Sessions

Meet twice a month and dive into high-level discussions focused on transforming legal practice and leadership.

Personalized Coaching with Charlotte

Gain access to Charlotte's expertise and leverage the mastermind's "brain trust". Our members have accelerated growth, elevated their leadership and refined their strategic vision.

Exclusive Networking Events

Join us for roundtable dinners and interactive forums, connect with peers and industry leaders.

Innovative Learning Resources

Stay ahead with our curated content, designed to propel your professional development.

Join Us Inside The Inner Circle Mastermind Program

Unlock unprecedented growth in the legal field with our 'Inner Circle Mastermind' course. Designed for forward-thinking legal professionals, this program offers a year-long journey of innovation at the cost of just three months. Spearhead change, join a think tank of global legal leaders, and maximize your professional evolution. Start shaping the future of law today. Your extraordinary journey begins here.

Client Feedback...

"I've never had a female leader or influence in my life like Charlotte. Her skills have been transformative for my career and personal growth. From learning to be more assertive but kind to gaining the confidence to start my own community and company, Charlotte + Level7 has been a catalyst for significant change in my life. Her approach is tailored to fit unique needs, making her an invaluable resource for founders, female leaders, and anyone aspiring to lead an above-average life."

Marie Widmer

"Charlotte’s coaching program delivered everything it promised and far more. The process had a wide-ranging positive effect on every single aspect of my life and the impact of the shift in my mindset and behaviors continues to deliver benefits for me both personally and professionally. I am able to do so much more with the time I have available to me and I feel extremely satisfied with the changes that have been brought about as a result of undertaking this professional development. Charlotte is extremely approachable and guides you through in a considered and effective way without pressure or judgment. I cannot recommend this investment in yourself highly enough."

Kylie Mather

Global Head of Legal
"Working with Charlotte was like turning on a light in a dark room. I was bogged down by stress and uncertainty, but she introduced me to transformative mental frameworks that not only helped me conquer my mindset but also led me to start my own firm. Her approach is so effective because it doesn't just tackle the 'what' or 'how'; it dives deep into the emotions and energies that underlie all decisions. I highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 for anyone in the legal field; the emotional intelligence she brings is often the missing piece in traditional coaching setups."

Koby Willbanks

Continuum Legal