NextLevel Leadership Program

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NextLevel Leadership Program

Empower Your Leadership Journey: A 6-Month Tailored Experience for the Entrepreneurial Legal Leader.

At Level7, we understand entrepreneurial legal leaders' unique challenges and opportunities. Our NextLevel program is meticulously designed to elevate your leadership and innovative capabilities in the legal industry.


What we offer


2 x Month Strategy Sessions

Dive deep into two 75-minute strategy sessions each month, focused on transformative growth and strategic planning.


Energy Leadership Assessment

Discover your intrinsic leadership style with our specialized assessment.


Ongoing Support

Benefit from Whatsapp support and short calls between sessions. We will strategize on documents, and interview stakeholders where appropriate.

7 Curated Modules for the Legal Innovator


The Big Picture

Chart your future with personalized goal-setting exercises and strategic roadmaps for long-term success.


Leadership Style Evolution

Unearth and develop your leadership potential, crafting a blueprint that resonates with your personal and professional ethos.


Superpower & Zone of Genius

Unlock your unique strengths and learn how to leverage them for maximum impact.


Networking & Strategic Alliances

Enhance your networking strategies to build valuable relationships and foster professional growth.


Professional Branding

Elevate your professional presence with our proven branding strategies, focusing on legal design and impactful content creation.


Strategic Thought Partnership

Benefit from a partnership that understands the legal landscape, helping you achieve your goals with accountability and insight.


Work-Life Integration

Master the art of balance with our strategies for effective time management, prioritization, and setting boundaries.

Invest in your future!

We can't wait to support you on this journey of growth and transformation. Invest in your 6-month transformation. Our clients' success stories show the real value of this journey. The impact of this program, you don't just get a services, you invest in lasting growth. 

Choose the plan that works for you:

Plan 01.

One-Time Payment: $12,000

Plan 02.

Monthly Installments: $2,100 per month

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Client Feedback...

"Charlotte’s coaching program delivered everything it promised and far more. The process had a wide-ranging positive effect on every single aspect of my life and the impact of the shift in my mindset and behaviors continues to deliver benefits for me both personally and professionally. I am able to do so much more with the time I have available to me and I feel extremely satisfied with the changes that have been brought about as a result of undertaking this professional development. Charlotte is extremely approachable and guides you through in a considered and effective way without pressure or judgment. I cannot recommend this investment in yourself highly enough."

Kylie Mather

Global Head of Legal
"Working with Charlotte was like turning on a light in a dark room. I was bogged down by stress and uncertainty, but she introduced me to transformative mental frameworks that not only helped me conquer my mindset but also led me to start my own firm. Her approach is so effective because it doesn't just tackle the 'what' or 'how'; it dives deep into the emotions and energies that underlie all decisions. I highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 for anyone in the legal field; the emotional intelligence she brings is often the missing piece in traditional coaching setups."

Koby Willbanks

Continuum Legal
"Working with Charlotte + Level7 was an extraordinary journey. The approach was highly individualized, focused on my specific goals from day one. Charlotte is not only a fantastic communicator but also a natural coach. The insights I gained have been invaluable, particularly the realization that my true fear was a fear of success. I now communicate with my team in a more intentional and effective manner, and the results have been astounding. I would highly recommend Charlotte + Level7 to any lawyer or legal team looking to elevate their leadership skills and motivate their team."

Natasha Baker

Novus Law