Digital Learning

In-house legal training that fits the needs of your team.


Supporting CLOs, GCs and Legal Ops at innovative, rapid-growth companies.

At Level 7, we support CLOs, GCs and Head of Legal Ops of innovative, rapid-growth companies with building world-class core services teams. Think of us as the tool you use to get the best out of your people.

Your legal team is made up of thought partners that matter.

At their finest, they allow businesses to operate seamlessly while managing risk, effectively– safeguarding hundreds of millions of dollars.

Connecting VISION to REALITY

We are experts at facilitating awareness and understanding of how your leadership vision connects to the day-to-day realities that the team is experiencing – by collecting data and metabolizing team feedback.

Through coaching, strategic partnership, and thought leadership, our performance coaching accelerates the journey in creating and maintaining the highest potential "Level7" team.


Nurture and develop your people.

At Level7 we believe high-performance and the pinnacle of excellence is routed how you nurture and develop your people.

We believe the way to enhance culture, outcomes and performance, should be delivered by those who understand the unique demands placed upon core services teams.


How can we support your legal team?

Book an Transformational Thought Partnership session with one of our consultants and find out how we can support your legal team. It's time to start your Level7 Legal journey.