Energy Leadership

Every team, organization, and person has a unique energy!


How does the assessment work?

The ELI assessment consists of 70 questions, taking roughly 25 minutes to complete, and measures multiple layers of behaviors and emotions resulting in a sophisticated profile of someone’s day-to-day energy levels and stress responses.

The ELI is a fantastic tool for individuals, and legal teams.


What about the debrief workshop?

Following the assessment, the 90-minute workshop offers the chance to look at individual or team data in aggregate and assess trends and pressure points.

With access to these data points, we can work together to identify gaps between the day-to-day reality and your vision for energy and performance.

Being an attitudinal rather than a personality assessment, ELI stands out from many other standardized assessments in that it measures constantly changing data points. This means ELI measures, not just the status quo but changes over time, which makes it both an excellent temperature-check and planning tool.


What happens next?

As a result of the ELI assessment and workshop, teams and individuals can expect to:

  • Feel more connected;
  • Feel more confident both giving and receiving feedback;
  • Understand how different energy levels either demotivate and deter or motivate and incentivize;
  • Know how to harness their energy to influence and persuade;
  • Successfully navigate out of stress responses;
  • Learn how to hack flow states for higher levels of productivity and co-creation.

Ready to start?

Need more information?

With the assessment pricing starting from $525, the ELI Assessment and 90-minute workshop is the perfect feature to explore your energy levels.


How can we support your legal team?

Book an Energy Leadership session with one of our consultants and find out how we can support your legal team. It's time to start your Level7 Legal journey.