Executive Coaching

Thought Partnership + Leadership and Performance Coaching


We provide leadership with the thought partnership and support to achieve their vision.

We offer leadership coaching so you can achieve maximum performance and impact as a GC or legal ops leader. We are experts in coaching you to develop effective, motivated team environments.

Measure progress

Once vision is established, an in-house performance coach can collaborate with the CLO, department lead, and legal ops professionals to set OKRs and strategically support them with translating a vision into concrete goals.


We support you with navigating the people, process and culture challenges in Legal.  An in-house performance coach supports leadership in visualizing, strategizing and delivering the training and enablement required for a motivated legal team.

Energy management

Not only does a leader gain objective insights and counsel to further team performance, but also has a container for self-exploration to examine any mindset limitations which may be holding them back, such as imposter syndrome, a strong inner-critic, self-doubt, or fear of not having the “right” answer or strategy.

  • Improved executive presence and self-confidence
  • Enhanced leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Actionable advice for addressing unique issues faced by women and minorities

Thought partnership

For legal team leaders, having space to share complex challenges acts as a sounding board and thought-partner, highlighting blind spots, and supporting the development of team performance strategies. Such relationships where trust is high and there is mutual respect can be game-changing for a company’s progression.

  • Strengthened relationships with the executive team
  • Improved productivity, working individually & collaborating with others
  • Insights on strategic planning and vision
  • Expanded professional networks to help solve business challenges

Investing in Leader development

Investment in corporate coaching is often generic,  delivered by professionals without legal expertise. At Level 7, we understand the unique needs and demands of hypergrowth legal teams and support your team by doing coaching differently.

How can we support your legal team?

Book a Transformational Thought Partnership session with one of our consultants and find out how we can support your legal team. It's time to start your Level7 Legal journey.